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“Aging holds the potential to be not only a spiritual path–                           but a mystical experience.”
– Carol Orsborn, Ph.D.


Dr. Carol Orsborn is the best-selling author of 25 books including the forthcoming The Spirituality of Age: A Seeker’s Guide to Growing Older (with Coauthor Robert L. Weber, Ph.D./Inner Traditions Oct. 2015.)  She is editor-and-chief of Fierce with Age:  The Digest of Boomer Wisdom, Inspiration and Spirituality.



I appreciate that you have come to visit my blog and sincerely hope you’ll take this leap of faith alongside me as together we explore and converse about what it means to be aging at this moment of history.  Fierce with Age:  The Digest of Boomer Wisdom, Inspiration and Spirituality, my sister site, will continue […]

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Mellow-Drama: Ram Dass and Me

I recently picked up a yellowed copy of Ram Dass’s Grist for the Mill, written in 1977, about 6 years after his mega best-seller  Be Here Now.  In it, he talks about being done with personal “story”– hoping to transcend the melodrama of life in order to merge with the divine. This is pretty much […]

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Being the Change

Recently, I had a great conversation with my friend and colleague Gaea Yudron, just back from an extended trip to Mexico.  She was trying on the ex-pat lifestyle, drawn to Mexico in part because of its more respectful attitude towards aging.  For many reasons, which you can best discover by following Gaea’s blog, she’s back […]

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Time to Reinvent Reinvention

Yet Another Way to Torture a Boomer:  Reinvention In my last blog, I took on the subject of Legacy Dysfunction (LD).  You will recall that according to LD, it isn’t enough that you got educated, raised a family, figured out a way to make a living and tried to live a good enough life, past […]

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Another Way to Torture a Boomer: Legacy Dysfunction

Boomers, by many standards the best-educated, wealthiest and healthiest generation in history, should be poised to harvest the bounty of a ripe old age.  While some studies show that Boomers are, indeed, self-reporting getting happier as we age, , my direct observation is that somewhere on the scale between outright tragedy and fulfillment, there’s […]

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What Happened to My 100 Heavens?

When we last left off, I think I was on the river bank merging with the Divine.  Flash forward a couple of seasons to a couple of months ago: I had the idea for a new book.  I don’t know where it came from, or why this idea had dug its tenacious roots into my […]

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Nashville Women!

Still a few spots left for the monthly Fierce with Age Women’s Circle launching Oct. 11 on the river in Madison.  Contact for details!

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Let’s Talk About September

Hello!  I’m delighted to announce the September edition of Fierce with Age, is posted now at and going out to subscribers Wednesday a.m. to your inbox. Many of you ask which of the entries is my favorite.  While it’s always tough to decide, I love the simplicity of Richard Rohr’s “only final question worth […]

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Fierce with Age Cohort: Let’s Talk about August Digest

Hi All, Back from sabbatical…and feeling renewed! As you might expect, I often have a “personal favorite” embedded in every issue of the Digest.  In case you missed it, here it is! Now, what’s on your mind?  What would you like to talk about? Carol:) _______________________________________________________________________ “I RESIGN” Dear God, This letter is to inform […]

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Summer Reading

Fierce with Age and are on sabbatical until the August Digest of Fierce with Age is released on 7/24. While we’re getting some r&r, would you like to catch up with some great summer reading on spirituality and aging?

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Fierce with Age Cohort: Let’s Talk about the July Digest

Hello again to all of us who are becoming fierce with age! Our numbers are growing, and this week, I was able to put faces to 28 names who had all manner of adventure making their way to the Scarritt Bennett Retreat Center in Nashville.  As promised, I am providing a place for us to […]

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