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“My Summons to You : Joy. Only Joy”

- Carol Orsborn’s The River Diary



Dr. Carol Orsborn is the best-selling author of 21 books.  A former top marketer helping brands build relationships with the Boomer generation, she is now a spirituality and aging evolutionary committed to expanding awareness of aging as a spiritual path.



I appreciate that you have come to visit my blog and sincerely hope you’ll take this leap of faith alongside me as together we explore and converse about what it means to be aging at this moment of history.  Fierce with Age:  The Digest of Boomer Wisdom, Inspiration and Spirituality, my sister site, will continue […]

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Fierce with Age Cohort: Let’s Talk about August Digest

Hi All, Back from sabbatical…and feeling renewed! As you might expect, I often have a “personal favorite” embedded in every issue of the Digest.  In case you missed it, here it is! Now, what’s on your mind?  What would you like to talk about? Carol:) _______________________________________________________________________ “I RESIGN” Dear God, This letter is to inform […]

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Summer Reading

Fierce with Age and CarolOrsborn.com are on sabbatical until the August Digest of Fierce with Age is released on 7/24. While we’re getting some r&r, would you like to catch up with some great summer reading on spirituality and aging? http://tinyurl.com/kfk8h7r

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Fierce with Age Cohort: Let’s Talk about the July Digest

Hello again to all of us who are becoming fierce with age! Our numbers are growing, and this week, I was able to put faces to 28 names who had all manner of adventure making their way to the Scarritt Bennett Retreat Center in Nashville.  As promised, I am providing a place for us to […]

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Join the Conversation: River Diary Digest Edition and Book

Do you have two voices in your heart vying for your attention? I do. One tells me I am called to be a writer and teacher, drawn into the public eye. The other urges me to withdraw from the world of ambition in pursuit of the contemplative life. Which voice will emerge triumphant—or is there […]

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Dorian’s (Gone) Gray…and so has Carol

In the story of Dorian Gray, Dorian ages backwards while his picture shows his real age.  In real life, I am not alone in making the following confession.  Until today, I was aging organically while my picture was staunchly rooted somewhere around 2009. This was not a matter of at least conscious denial.  I like […]

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Nothing Left Unsaid

There’s an old Jewish joke I rank in my top ten. Four women are playing mah jongg.  The first says “Oy.”  The second says “Oy.”  The third says “Oy.” The fourth says “I thought we weren’t going to be talking about our children.” I told this joke to Jill, a new friend, over lunch the […]

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Join the Conversation: Fierce with Age May

A NEW KIND OF HUMAN BEING? Starting with the May edition of Fierce with Age: The Digest of Boomer Wisdom, Inspiration and Spirituality, subscribers are being guided here to CarolOrsborn.com to reflect on what we’ve read.  What touched you, provoked you or inspired you most? Personally, I can’t stop thinking about the entry by writer/mystic […]

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What’s on Your Joy List? My Top 7

It wasn’t that long ago that I would lie in bed in the morning and make lists in my head.  Sometimes they were shopping lists.  Often, they were to do lists–tasks and chores.  But usually, the list of the day comprised an  inventory of my worries, culminating in my transition beyond midlife to feelings of  […]

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The Myth of Invisibility

The perception stands that as we age. we become increasingly invisible.  Nobody has complained louder or longer about feeling invisible than me.  (I won’t bore you once again with the details which I recounted with such anguished relish in Fierce with Age:  Chasing God and Squirrels in Brooklyn, my memoir about transiting to the wild […]

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Confessions of a (former) Boomer Marketer

Dear Friends, it’s been awhile since I last wrote.   I’m back now—but if you look around CarolOrsborn.com, you’ll see that there has been a profound shift in tone and content.  In brief, during my absence, I finally let go of my “day job” as a marketer helping brands build relationships with Boomers.  I am now […]

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